My volunteering journey began when I discovered how important and how rewarding it was to be part of something that matters and the feeling of knowing that, was so overwhelming, and apparently good for the mental health and physical well-being. It gave me a sense of accomplishment, sense of purpose and self-worth.

I am driven by passion and dedication of wanting to do something different in the community and be the generation that inspires young people, so that they find and explore volunteering and sporting opportunities that can enhance them to contribute to society and be successful achievers who learn by doing, and us setting an example. I want to be part of that Legacy.

I recently started volunteering with the Girl Guides, I took on this responsibility as a challenge to myself to help young people be good citizens and leaders of tomorrow, helping them with values, inspiring them to be vibrant and taking on activities bringing in a wide range of experience from my volunteering journey.  Apart from my previous volunteering with various organisations like the British Red Cross, my sporting timeline began with the Commonwealth Games in 2014, and then was thrilled to be part of the European Championships & Indoor Athletics and now waiting for Vitality Netball World Cup 2019. Getting involved in these sporting activities means getting the opportunity to encourage young people, to do more in sports and build awareness around sporting success.

Volunteering knows no age limits and it’s for everyone! A little help; goes a long way. You acquire new skills, you make new great friends, it’s fun, you get to work as part of amazing teams and its so diverse, you get to meet people from different backgrounds and you gain confidence and learn to communicate and be respectful to others. So I would strongly encourage and recommend anyone to try it, it’s hugely rewarding. I think volunteering is exciting and it has had a positive phenomenal impact on me.