My first experience being involved with C.A.T.H. was attending the Women’s Befriending group where I enjoyed knitting, cross-stitching, various arts & crafts session and some social events.

My confidence and self esteem had been at an all time low but being involved with the women’s group helped me a lot,  once I did not feel so nervous I found that I not only learnt a lot from the other women but also some of skills I forgot that I had I was then confident enough to share.

I now not only  help as a peer mentor in the women’s group but I have also gone on to volunteer in  C.A.T.H. Charity shop which I really enjoy as the atmosphere and the support not only from the staff but all the other volunteers is amazing, my hope of working in retail is not such a distant achievement now it’s much closer than I could ever have imagined thanks to the help of all at this great organisation and of course with a little help from myself.