I volunteered to support LGOWIT (Let’s Get On With It Together) in delivering their Self Management Course for people living with long term conditions.

I was motivated to get involved by their approach in enabling and empowering people to be as independent as possible and to make informed choices. The course uses themes such as effective communication, understanding  symptoms, activity and exercise, and managing change.  Setting personal goals, and the power of peer support and social connections are also really important. The mid-point tea break and time to chat is also a vital component of the session!!

My experience of LGOWIT has always been that staff and volunteers are warm and friendly and passionate about enabling and including people. So it was really easy to get more involved. The trainer training to prepare me to support courses was really high quality and professional, and it was great to work with such kind and inviting people. I learned a lot and had fun!

Initially I felt with a full time job I didn’t have space to volunteer. But talking this through, I learned that I could go to most of the training during weekends, and could support evening groups. These allow people with a long term condition who work to attend the groups. LGOWIT recognise this is real life, and I appreciate that thinking.

The groups use evidence based materials and also enable people to express their views in a safe environment.  It is really encouraging to hear how people progress with their plans and goals, and also to hear the group support each other in their endeavours. I have learned so much myself from being involved, and feel proud and privileged to hear about people’s personal journeys towards recovery and wellness.