After an incredible 4 years of being part of ASPIRENorth at Secondary School, it felt like a natural progression to continue working with the team when I entered University.

I really appreciated the knowledge and advice from the student volunteers I met throughout my time at school, I wanted to be the same role model to current ASPIRENorth pupils like the student volunteers were to me. Being the first in my family to enter higher/further education and also a former ASPIRENorth pupil I love being able to answer questions and worries and proving that it doesn’t matter what school you went to or background; College, Apprenticeships, University are entirely possible. This is probably the main reason why I chose to become a student volunteer to share my experience of my entry into university, to explain that there are different entry routes in. I completed an access summer school programme at the University of Aberdeen to help with my application to study History.

Being a student volunteer for ASPIRENorth is such a great opportunity to connect with young people and is a really enjoyable experience. Although the main role of student volunteers is to be on hand to assist in activities and be role models for the pupils it is also a chance to develop on your own skills.

There are opportunities to build upon teamwork, communication, leadership skills just to name a few. The activity days and residentials are fun-filled but also allows you to develop trust and a positive relationship with both the team and pupils.

I have now been a student volunteer for ASPIRENorth for nearly 4 years and I have gained so much from these past few years. I have been trusted to chaperone pupils on-campus visits and lead pupils in activities. This has allowed me to develop many transferable skills that I can use in my part-time job and also in my role as a camp counsellor at a summer camp.

ASPIRENorth has been there for me throughout my time at University helping with applications and interviews and the work that they do is so valuable.

I really, wholeheartedly recommend continuing to work with ASPIRENorth after school as you will gain skills that you can take into any field of work in the future and it is a great team to work with.