Volunteering with Scouts didn’t just develop Millie’s confidence, it also led her to pursue a career in youth work. She tells us more about her journey from Young Leader to Youth Work apprentice.

I work at Eyemouth High School as a Modern Apprentice in Youth Work with the Community Learning and Development Service, and Scouts helped hugely in getting me to this incredible role.

Becoming a Young Leader at Scouts was really my first introduction to youth work. It was the first time I stood up in front of a group of young people and attempted to run an activity. I started to gain vital youth work skills, which have proved extremely useful in my role and for the career that I am pursuing. Skills that I initially learnt through volunteering as a Young Leader, such as session planning and evaluating, are things I now do on a daily basis

Moving on to being an Assistant Scout Leader just kept building my confidence and passion for youth work. It was amazing to be able to try and give young people the valuable experiences I had as a Scout.

So many of the skills I have learnt through volunteering for Scouts have been useful and practical in my current role. I am grateful to have had this confidence and to have built on these skills before I started my job.

I also had the experience of being an Assistant District Commissioner for Youth Involvement. This helped me gain valuable experience of working on a more strategic and organisational level, which has also proved very useful in my current role.

Scouts has helped me become a more confident and resilient individual and has played a key part in helping me pursue a career I am passionate about.

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There are lots of opportunities to volunteer at Scouts. www.scouts.scot/support-us/volunteer-with-us/ to find out more.