I first applied to volunteer when the Commonwealth Games were coming to Glasgow in 2014. As I had no volunteering experience, I didn’t expect to be selected.

I was given a role in Accreditation which started in April till August. Throughout this experience I became so much more confident which helped as I started university in September.

When it came to the end of the games, fellow volunteers were all joking about seeing each other again while volunteering at the next Commonwealth Games in the Gold Coast in 2018. It soon became my ambition and what better way to finish uni than to fly to the Gold Coast to do what you love most.

Between both Commonwealth Games I volunteered at the Pan American Games, Toronto and the World Masters Games, New Zealand.

I didn’t expect to gain anything from volunteering but each experience has been amazing allowing me to gain/develop my skills as well as travel the world meeting so many new people, some of which have become friends for life!

Before starting volunteering I used to get anxious about going anywhere myself but not long after I started, I grew in confidence, came out my shell and became much more independent, even flying to Toronto myself the following year!

I’m now looking forward to starting my volunteer role at the European Championships this August!

For anyone interested in volunteering. I’d highly recommend you just go for it and enjoy it! You never know what will come from it!