Rhona Capkiner is a very well known BfN Ayrshire volunteer, but is perhaps the quietest and most camera shy! Finding a photo of her on her own has been tricky and she is also so modest that when I contacted her for some background information, she suggested that I write a story on another volunteer!

Rhona has volunteered for BfN for around 8 years now, first at Ayrshire Maternity Unit and then in Irvine for a while before settling at the Kilmarnock group from Oct 2012. She is also employed by BfN as a Community Peer Supporter, at the BabyChat groups in Kilmarnock for a while and more recently at our North Ayrshire Parent & Baby Cafes in Kilbirnie, Kilwinning and Saltcoats.

In addition to working and volunteering for BfN, Rhona also works part time in the care industry in what can be a very intensive and emotional job. She doesn’t drive so manages to fit all this in and get herself all around Ayrshire on public transport!

Rhona’s kindness knows no bounds and she cares very deeply for the families that she supports. Everyone we spoke to mentioned her lovely calming and reassuring personality. Nothing is ever a problem, she’s a brilliant listener and she always makes you feel you’re in safe and experienced hands. Rhona is a very valued member of the Ayrshire BfN team and she is adored by staff, volunteers and mums. She’s also very well known for her fabulous home baking which is much appreciated by us all!

It really is difficult to find the words to fully describe how we all feel about Rhona, but we think that these quotes from mums Rhona has supported really say it all:

“I think Rhona is fab, she helped me a lot when I had Harvie with position and attachment and thinking outside the box.”

“……she was always a lovely face to see on a Thursday at our small Kilwinning Cafe group. She always had blueberries for Arthur & bananas for Ethan as she knew they liked them. She’s got a caring & personal touch. Someone who would check in with us and see if we were ok if we couldn’t make it along or just in general if we hadn’t seen her in a while and she’s also meticulous in detail when cleaning up after. She’s always that person who takes the blankets/covers home to wash … “

“She was an amazing support to me hours after giving birth. Such a kind and caring person who remembered me when we came to the group for the first time and always wanted to know how we were doing. She will always be a huge part of my breastfeeding journey. “

“For myself my best memory of her was her sitting with me in the hospital while I ate lunch. I had been induced and she had spotted me in the canteen, she had realised I was in labour but hadn’t told anyone because I knew as soon as I did I would be taken downstairs and told not to eat for who knows how long. So she just sat with me, that’s all, just sat. That was what I need most at the time. So thank you.”

“Rhona is amazing. Talking to her when I’m struggling feels like talking to my mum, I could tell her anything and she would just be there for me, listen and not make me feel bad. Plus she bakes the most amazing things. We love Rhona! ❤️

💜💚Thank you Rhona💚💜

If you’ve been supported by Rhona, pop a wee comment in below. We’d love to hear from you.

Prepared by:
Katrona Templeton – Volunteer &
Jo McNish – Ayrshire Project Manager
with thanks to all the mums who gave quotes

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