My volunteering story is quite unusual, in that, in order to become a voluntary trustee of Dundee University Students Association, I had to be elected by the students of the university. That meant, a week of campaigning, flyering and talking to people, in order to win their vote

As part of the trusteeship, I hold the role of Vice President of Fundraising, which means I get to plan fundraising events for a local charity. As a result, I’ve helped raise a lot of money for my local Foodbank, through a variety of different events over the past year. With my position being relatively new, I get to set my own path and really make it my own. This means I plan events like Drag Nights, Monopoly Runs and Pub Quizzes, to name a few, which has never really been done by our organisation before. That’s partly why I love the role so much, it’s really exciting to put my own spin on it and the events that I plan.

Alongside the fundraising, I really wanted to promote the benefits of volunteering to our student body, so I started a volunteering scheme to allow students help run these events, or even help them plan their own. We’ve had a lot of engagement with the student body since then, and it’s great to see them get involved.

It’s difficult to sum up how amazing this experience has been. First and foremost, being able to help fundraise for a wonderful organisation is overwhelmingly heartwarming and rewarding. It has given me more confidence in myself and my abilities, and I now consider myself to be a completely different person than to who I was before I started volunteering.

Alongside that, I have been able to meet so many great people that I am now able to call my friends, and network with people that work in my future profession. Volunteering has been a fantastic opportunity for me, and I would strongly recommend it to anyone!